What to Do with the Yard?

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Short of mowing the lawn, there are many landowners who have no clue about how to improve the condition of the lawn, design the space to look stunning, or even get flowers to grow successfully. Everyone knows a healthy and beautiful yard increases the property value, boosts curb appeal, and prevents erosion. Those without any kind of green thumb do have some options.

Workshops at Home Improvement Stores

Most home improvement store chains offer free workshops, demonstrations, and step-by-step instructions regarding lawn care and landscaping. Customers only have to sign up and show up for free information. Experienced staff people will even assist with tool and product selections to make sure you have everything needed for the project. It may take a few evenings and weekends to get the yard looking nice, but gardening and lawn care can be relaxing and therapeutic, so it will be time well spent.

Gardening Television Shows and Videos

For people who are not exactly adept at working in the yard, television shows and videos are ideal references. Bring the laptop or tablet out into the yard and follow the directions at your own pace. If something does not seem right, replay that section again. The results may not look exactly the same as the professional’s, but it will look better than leaving the yard as it currently exists.
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The component of lawn care and landscaping that people really dread is the upkeep. Weeds have to be controlled and treated. Insects have to be handled, the grass has to be fertilized, and flowers require ongoing pruning to look their best. Vegetables have to be watered, any water features have to be cleaned, and trees and shrubs will need trimming. All that work leaves little time to actually enjoy the space.

Hire Professionals

The easiest option is to simply hire professionals to create a stunning and functional yard, maintain the lawn, and do spring and fall cleanups so evenings and weekends will be free to do favorite activities. There will be no equipment to purchase, no product decisions to make, and no afternoons spent sweating with hands in the dirt. The total cost of services is probably less than the cost of getting what is needed, attempting to do the work, and then having to hire professionals anyway to make the property healthy and beautiful.

Have a company assess the land, provide a free estimate for services, and take care of the property. Enjoy the warmer weather and spend time with family and friends instead of tending to the yard.

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